How To Generate More Leads Online

Just about every business would love the ability to generate more leads, especially online. But very few of them know how to successfully attract new prospects to their business on a consistent basis.

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to navigate through all the various lead generation options available these days.

From attending networking meetings, to posting on social media, content marketing, holding Seminars and Webinars, SEO, cold email outreach, Facebook and Google Adwords pay-per-click and so on.

One asset every business has that most completely drop the ball with is their website.

Watch this 60 second overview of this strategy before you continue:

If your website looks the same or similar to everybody else’s in your industry, then it could probably be generating a lot more leads for you than it does now.

Let me ask you a question: How many leads does your website generate each month?

How many sales can you definitely attribute to your website?

If you’re like most people, the answer is going to be “not many”.

And that’s a big problem.

Let’s look at some examples of what works for generating leads, and what doesn’t. Here’s a website belonging to a professional service provider:


I’ll bet you can’t work out what this company does. Remember, you have between 3 and 8 seconds to get the attention of a website visitor before they lose interest and hit the ‘back’ button.

Your visitor wants to know 3 things:

  • What is this all about?
  • Does it affect me?
  • Why should I care?

If your website doesn’t immediately answer these 3 questions in the visitors mind, you’re toast.

It looks like they are trying to be ‘cute’ or create curiosity by asking a question, but a question without context is pointless.

Next, let’s look at another example:


Any ideas about what these guys do? Again, you’d be hard pressed to work it out.

Another example of where the ‘creatives’ have been allowed to run riot.

Now let’s look at one that’s heading in the right direction.


The site itself looks good, but it’s what happens when you try to leave that makes this one a good example of what you should start testing for your website. Take a look:

Yoga Popup

As you can see, this site is using what’s called an ‘Exit Intent Popup’ which means that when a visitor tries to leave, they see an offer to subscribe to receive a newsletter or some other specialised information.

The key to doing this effectively is to offer something your ideal customers will say ‘I NEED that!’, but people who aren’t your ideal customers will not be interested in.

Here’s another example from a different industry.

Allied Health Home

The website itself is fairly disjointed, but again, it’s what happens when you try to leave that’s important:

Allied Health Popup

You are offered a $1,000 health package in exchange for leaving your email address. If you’re on a health website, the offer of a $1,000 health package is very targeted and likely to get a lot of people to sign up.

Now let’s look at some examples of sites that are 100% focused on achieving one core action. The best example is of course

Google Home

There’s no doubting what action the marketing geniuses at Google wants you to take. They want you to do a search so they can show you targeted ads you might click on.

Get Credit Score makes it pretty clear what they want you to do. Get your credit score…


Credit Score Home

ManyChat’s business offers a service that allows you to use Facebook Messenger Chat Robots to have automated conversations with your customers and prospects.

ManyChat Home

Their offer is ‘Get Started Free’. NOTHING beats a free offer like this. How could you use something like this to start a conversation with people who are your potential customers?

Here’s another example:

Mixpanel Home

MixPanel helps you to track your website visitors to find out where they came from and where they spent time on your site.

Their simple offer is ‘Get Started’. How could you use something like this to get people onto an email database where you can start a conversation with them about how you can serve them?

You can then send them helpful ideas and offers. But this is a critical point. Your content MUST actually be helpful.

Sending people one or more thinly veiled sales pitches instead will usually do more harm than good and can quickly destroy your credibility.

But if you help people by actually helping them, you stand out from everyone else who’s just trying to get them to buy a product or attend a “Free Consultation” so they can take their money.

And letting people decide for themselves is an important distinction as well.

It’s difficult to SELL anybody something they don’t want or don’t believe they need.

Most people are sick to death of the old “foot in the door” salesman relentlessly trying to flog stuff using high pressure closing tactics.

But people love to buy things when they are given all the facts and compelling proof of results, and then left to make their own decision.

Having this automated sales process puts the customer in full control and lets them decide to take action (book a personal consultation) at a time of their choosing.

And for every person who leaves their email address, a consistent percentage will become high paying clients for the Doctor.

I hope you can see the power of using your website to generate leads in this way. It can have a truly profound effect on your sales and profits.

I’d love to see the before and after shots of your website and hear about the results you achieved if you decide to implement this business growth strategy.


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About The Author: James Huy Vuong is a CPA, Registered Tax Agent, Business Broker, Certified Exit Planner and the owner of Your Accounting Partners, an Associate of Negotia Group. Partnering with businesses from start to scale thru to sale.

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Posted on 06/02/2018 in Business Growth

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