How To Laser Target Your Offers With Customer Segmenting

Even if you’ve followed our recommendations from Step 3 and you’re only attracting highly targeted prospects, not every one of those people are going to want the same things at the same time.

That’s why it’s important to segment your prospects even further so your marketing messages are tightly related to solving the problems they have or helping them achieve their goals.

Watch this 60 second overview video before you proceed:

So as you can imagine, this very tight targeting lets you “enter the conversation that’s going on inside your prospects’ head” and significantly increases your chances of them buying from you.

Now there are two main ways to easily segment your prospects.

The first one is to do it as they join your email database. The second one is to do it after they’ve joined your email list.

Let’s look at segmenting during the initial optin process first.

Just a heads up. This option looks simple, but it is actually pretty technical on the back-end.

You’ll want to get professional advice on how to implement it into your specific business, but it is certainly worth the time and money if you have even a half-decent flow of leads coming in.

OK, let’s look at an example.

Here’s what the main page of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula site looks like:

Product Launch Formula Step 1

When you click on the link that says Click Here for Instant Access, you see a popup that looks like this:

Product Launch Formula Step 2

After you select the option that most reflects where you are in your business, and click on the Continue Button, you see this optin form appear:

Product Launch Formula Step 3

And after you’ve entered your email address, you are taken through to the first video in Jeff’s training series:

Product Launch Formula Step 4

This segmenting process allows Jeff’s new subscribers to receive very targeted email follow-up messages based on where they said they were in starting and running their businesses.

The people who tell him they are just starting out get different email messages to those who said they are already selling online, and those who said they work or own an offline brick and mortar business or consulting practice get a different series again.

Can you see how powerful this is?

As I said, there’s a bit of work involved in setting this up, but once it’s online, it’s a machine that helps you follow up automatically in a way that resonates with your subscribers, which can significantly increase your sales.

OK, now let’s look at the second way to segment your prospects…

How to segment after people have joined your email list

Below you’ll see two examples of how people are doing this quickly and easily.

This one is from Ryan Levesque who is the author of the best selling book Ask.

Ryan Segmenting Email

When subscribers click on one of the links in this email, they are automatically added to a new automated email sequence that gives them helpful advice based on where they are in their business.

Throughout the sequence he also offers them the products and services they are most likely to need at that stage of the business lifecycle.

So he’s not talking to new business owners about how to sell to a Venture Capital firm. But he is helping them to set up their websites and sales funnels, because it’s hyper-relevant to where they are right now.

And this example uses a similar process…

ConvertKit Segmenting

Same principle, different layout and presentation.

NOTE: If your email system or CRM doesn’t have the ability to automatically add people to a new list by clicking on an email link, the link can go to another subscriber opt in form where people can manually join the new list.

Then just follow up with people with content, help, ideas and offers that help them get to where they want to go.

Segmenting your leads in this way allows you to target your content and your offers very precisely, and I’d love to see how you use it in your business. Feel free to let me know in the comments below, or just drop me an email.


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