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4 Ways To Quickly Increase Your Prices

Many business owners feel all their problems would be solved if they could just increase their prices. Unfortunately, some of them have trained their customers to always ask for discounts whenever they buy, so it can be very difficult to break this cycle. But the thing is, the customers who are screwing you down on…

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How To Laser Target Your Offers With Customer Segmenting

Even if you’ve followed our recommendations from Step 3 and you’re only attracting highly targeted prospects, not every one of those people are going to want the same things at the same time. That’s why it’s important to segment your prospects even further so your marketing messages are tightly related to solving the problems they…

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Leverage Your Overlooked Assets & Under-Utilised Opportunities

The next step in growing your business is to sit down with a pad and paper, run through your enterprise carefully, and look for any overlooked assets or under-utilised opportunities you could immediately take advantage of. When you’ve identified them, you can decide whether you’d like to put them to work more effectively, or sell…

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