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Understanding Business Cash Flow

Somebody once said to me profit is just a matter of opinion, it’s something your accountant puts together for you when they put your financials together but cash is real, cash is king! I totally believe cash is the lifeblood of your business and understanding how cash flows through your business is one of those…

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Must-Do Tasks For Business Owners

Its (EOFY) time, here is a List of must-do tasks for Business Owners. The end of the financial year is always an opportunist time to reflect on the year gone, look at the scoreboard and strategies for the year/time ahead. Regardless of what you do, if you do it honestly, then you will have more clarity…

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Tips For Collecting Overdue Debt

  It is undoubtedly a fact that a business needs cash to continue its operation. Your customers’ non-payment of debts due to refusal, delay or forgetfulness, may lead you into financial difficulties of your own! Collection of debt is one of the important elements of cash flow management that is often underachieved by businesses. In…

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