Understanding Employment Contracts

Terms and conditions of employment can be specified in an employment contract. Knowing and understanding these stipulations are necessary for every business owner. Terms of an employment contract Written employment contracts can set out conditions or remuneration agreements not covered by a federal or state award. BONUS: Click here to download your FREE copy of our Ready, … Read more

Tips For Collecting Overdue Debt

It is undoubtedly a fact that a business needs cash to continue its operation. Your customers’ non-payment of debts due to refusal, delay or forgetfulness, may lead you into financial difficulties of your own! Collection of debt is one of the important elements of cash flow management that is often underachieved by businesses. In contrary, … Read more

Location, Location, Location

If your aim is to deal face to face with your customers, then you should carefully decide on the location of your business. A bad choice of location can cause you to suffer problems which can be difficult or even impossible to solve, and may even hinder your business’s success. Location type Preferably, you’re going … Read more

Calculating Your Business Start Up Costs

The total amount needed to start and operate your business is called start-up costs. This is essential because you would not want to be caught short as you start your business and it starts to grow! Calculating costs Make a list of everything that you need to pay for before commencing your business. Consider the … Read more

Buying A Franchise

One of the best ways to have your own business is through purchasing a franchise. This business system provides you with the support and security from a larger company, with an already established business network. Is purchasing a franchise best for you? Ask yourself the following questions to know whether purchasing a franchise is the … Read more

Choosing The Right Business Structure

It is essential to know the different types of business structure and their corresponding advantages and disadvantages, so that you can decide, based on your current circumstances, the best operating structure for your business. In assessing what business structure is best suited for you, you need to consider tax implications, asset protection, set-up and continuing … Read more

Preparing Your D.I.Y Tax Return

Part 1 – Things You Need To Know Before Lodging Your Own Tax Return Aussies love D.l.Y (Do it Yourself). But when it comes to tax, sometimes it pays to leave it to the professionals, especially if your situation involves investments, capital gains, or if you are running a business. There is nothing wrong with … Read more